September 7, 2017


Essay Contest Rules (English-speaking)
Send Submissions to
Submit your Essay by October 25, 2017
Be In to Win ~ See prizes here: VEGAN PRIZES 
Open to Vegans of All Ages Worldwide

*You are free to choose the vegan-related subject/s for your short essay/s, however listed below are suggested topics. Vegans of any age can enter to win. You can submit more than one essay. Since the essays will be part of a compilation of 'winning essays', it's preferable that they are about a single vegan-related theme.

*By entering and submitting a short essay, you hereby agree to have your essay published online (and possibly in a book in the future).

*When you send your essay, also include: Your top 3 choices of the prizes being offered from this LINK. You may also choose (optional) to include a brief bio including your location, and links to websites, and a photo in high resolution. No anonymous essays. Each essay will be published with author's first and last name, and perhaps credentials, location, short bio/photo.

*The essay needs to be original and specifically written for this essay compilation; and has not been published elsewhere.

*Essays should be thoughtful and edited. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible. The limit is 400 words and please do a 'word count' check. I may edit but will ask you first.

*As many prizes that are offered by business around the world determines how many essay winners there will be. 40 prizes = 40 winners.

Suggested subject matter for submissions:

~Specific subjects are encouraged, because the essays will be part of a compilation. Here's some ideas....

*why is all animal use considered abuse
*words of inspiration for new vegans
*educating children about veganism
*the reason for veganism versus the benefits
*veganism versus a plant-based diet
*ever-increasing population growth's impact on  the rate of  turning  people  vegan
*favorite or best form of activism to usher in a  vegan  humanity
*veganism relating to nonviolence and peace
*new computerized science initiatives replacing  animal  experimentation
*apps that make vegan living easy
*anti-apologetic vegans or uncompromising  vegans
*veganism relating to horseback riding
*child-free veganism
*history of veganism
*defining veganism
*diluting or evolving the definition of  veganism
*living with nonvegans
*vegan-organic gardening
*veganism relating to capitalism
*veganism relating to politics
*veganism relating to social justice
*veganism relating to activism
*veganism relating to religion
*veganism relating to atheism
*veganism relating to feminism
*veganism relating to philosophy
*veganism relating to sociology 
*veganism relating to human temperament  changes
*veganism as being the change you want to see  in the world
*veganism and legal rights, and property status  of animals
*veganism relating to rights violation /  civil rights
*veganism (or a plant powered diet) relating to  the  environment
*veganism as the root of healing many other  social issues
*veganism relating to leading the way for a better  tomorrow
*veganism relating to the intersection of all  oppression
*veganism growing by a ripple effect
*veganism relating to speciesism, sexism,  racism, ageism...
*growth of veganism in your community
*positive 'vegan' portrayal in movies, television,  media
*vegan principles dictating how you treat animals  you meet,  rodents in  house, dog on the road,  abandoned animals...
*veganism for people of every color – Jew/Arab  march together  for  animal rights
*a long-term healthy vegan biography (human or  dog/cat)
*a vegan-since-birth biography
*vegan super athlete biography
*vegan revolution
*veganism relating to human evolution of  consciousness
*scientifically-based responses to  questions/comments  vegans  hear  from  nonvegans
*vegan activism: batman light ~ chalk  challenge ~  festivals ~  protests /  marches ~ education stalls ~  events ~  street stalls ~  banners and billboards
*vegan "art"ivism


B chawla said...

The suggested topics are amazing and thought provoking. Can't wait to read people's essays. I think I will write about it from a plant based physician's perspective - how veganism contributes to our personal wellness by improving our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Unknown said...

Is there a limit to the amount of essays we can submit? Or do we need to select one subject and submit only one essay?

M. (known as) "Butterflies" Katz said...

You can submit more than one essay.